These holistic products have been developed based on Elena’s experiences as a wellness practitioner. You can purchase the downloads and use them as many times as you wish, each time they will produce a different experience. Feel free to use them with your family, your bubble or your friends for a group experience. If you enjoy tuning into the energies of a large group of people in real time, there are also live events in a webinar format. Perhaps you are interested in doing individual healing and/or past lives regression sessions with Elena. All of these items can be purchased or booked by clicking on the sections below.


Elena has devised a variety of tools to assist in finding relaxation and harmony. These aids can be used in total privacy and in your own space. They can also be used in a public or group setting. Here at the Be-Hive we have a selection of instruments that enable you to take charge of your own healing. Take a look below to find out more. You can store these downloads in your computer and play them as often as you wish, each experience will be unique.

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Elena is also available for individual healing and regression sessions over the phone or computer, she also offers Life Between Lives sessions for people who have already tried Past Lives Regression and would like to explore further. Sessions last approximately 2 hours. Please contact Elena at 121sessions@be-hive.love for more details.

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