I first received Elena’s guidance in London 2017 whilst I was experiencing a major transformation in my life. As a yoga teacher, I have a good experience and knowledge of breath, body movement and spirituality in general, as well as trauma release work. Since a young age I was drawn to a variety of esoteric modalities, and at this time of life, I was particularly drawn towards Past Life Regression.

The emotional release I achieved in past life regression was pretty spectacular, and so powerful that I decided to sign up for more. In the PL experience I felt taht the connection between the soul, the universe and the unconscious mind was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I have done ayahuasca and I regularly meditate, but with PL the journey is just so natural and without any restrictions. During my mumerous sessions there were plenty of tears, choking moments of revelation, elements of truth evoking within me and there was plethora of feelings of joy, happiness and tremendous love, appreciation and trust.

I felt connected to the Source, to myself and really relaxed, awakened and uplifted afterwards.

The freedom of this experience has allowed me to access much deeper layers of my inner world, in essence; to let go of the pain, of my suffering and the hidden blockages of all the old scars within me. This is deep, personal meaningful and powerful work that requires trust and guidance, which Elena skilfully provides.

I have recently had the pleasure of experiencing PLR again (after some 2-3 years break), after I decided to study Integrated Healing. I had no expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised, and I went even deeper, to the state of ‘Life Between Lives’ deeper than ever before. I connected with my soul´s personality, my guide, my soul tribe and eventually with the purpose of my current life. The effect has been even more powerful, and it brought such peace and resolution to my questioning of why we are here.

This session was incredibly beautiful, powerful and extremely healing, also I seem to come back to it when facing obstacles or events out of my control. I felt such an inspiration from the experience that I recorded my thoughts, journaled them afterwards and I decided to connect higher with my spirit guides, which effectively resulted in my decision to explore training in Sound Healing.

I really like the structure of the session, although there are times when I am happy to float and stay in the altered state way longer as it feels like ‘home’, a space where the essence and the energy is just ‘pure magic’

Lastly, I really love Elena’s open approach and free-spirited personality, her gentle, calm, soothing voice, and all the guidance, wisdom and patience she offers. With just a hint of spirituality, she holds the space beautifully, and it’s a truly mesmerising and pretty unforgettable experience. Extremely valuable and highly recommended to anyone that wants to get to know themselves on a deeper, more meaningful level, but more importantly to those needed to heal.

Dani, London

Elena helped me through my bowel cancer diagnosis and treatment as well as recurring issues from childhood trauma. Her approach was to address the cause and not just the symptoms of the issues involved.

Elena’s counselling gave me a profound sense of positivity which has stayed with me and permanently changed the way I view my life and the world, and which has had huge mental and actual physical benefits and results. There is a clarity to it and through superb guidance a proactive healing methodology.

Elena’s confidentiality, professionalism and expertise were guaranteed and apparent from the very start. She is frank, open, honest and a naturally gifted, patient and caring listener. Her kindness and understanding are effortless and she has without question changed my life for the better. Elena has been amazing and I would recommend her without question or hesitation.

David B, Cambridge

I have done five remote sessions with Elena as we live in different parts of the UK. At first, honestly, I was unsure about how it would work, but she made me feel very comfortable and guided me gently though the whole experience. What I loved the most is that even though I’ve been on some incredible and unexpected journeys that always lifted something away from my life, I’m still a little dubious about Past Lives. This experience however doesn’t lean on that, even if you are simply jumping into your subconscious and allowing yourself to say the first thing that comes to your mind through stories this is still an incredible experience. And yet the past lives she guided me on the stories are always incredibly magical. Sometimes dark, but she delicately guides you through that, so you come out the other side free from it. I felt so much healthier and happier… Just what I needed. I will definitely be having another session.

Kerri, London

I needed to find a therapist to help me resolve unsolved family issues. I worked with Elena for 4 Past Life Regression Therapy sessions. Covering a period of 18 months.

I choose Elena because her verbal communication skills were essential as we communicated by telephone. She is positive informative and kind. What I discovered, was Elena is an experienced sensitive attentive communicator when conducting her therapy sessions. She guided me through each session, and I arrived at unexpected outcomes. The results were noticeable immediately. It enabled me to advance in my life which was my objective. She took the time to explain, other, additional feelings which might occur later. This did happen on several occasions. It was all-important as I lived overseas. It was reassuring and helped me solve issues on my own. On a personal level this enabled me to go forward with my own rehabilitation. This was one of my key objectives. I particularly liked her thorough communication; she gave me many small suggestions to explain the benefits of each therapy session. She is also very patient and skilful; she allows you time and space for your sub-conscious thoughts to come to the surface. At the same time, she encourages you to describe what you are seeing. I would recommend Elena, to anyone who has is looking to solve important unanswered past life issues or people who are wanting to try other forms of therapy.

R., Paris

I started working with Elena with regressive hypnotherapy 3 years ago. I was going through a divorce which was very debilitating, and Elena suggested seeing some of my other lives might help me see myself in a more positive light. The process Elena uses is remarkable. These journeys were profound-Elena guides rather than tells and I felt totally comfortable in her care and saw things that were very positive when my natural frame of mind was negative and distressed. I would highly recommend Elena, our trips together were fascinating, fun, enlightening and magical. Prepare to be amazed.

Fraser, East London