I needed to find a therapist to help me resolve unsolved family issues. I worked with Elena for 4 Past Life Regression Therapy sessions. Covering a period of 18 months.

I choose Elena because her verbal communication skills were essential as we communicated by telephone. She is positive informative and kind. What I discovered, was Elena is an experienced sensitive attentive communicator when conducting her therapy sessions. She guided me through each session, and I arrived at unexpected outcomes. The results were noticeable immediately. It enabled me to advance in my life which was my objective. She took the time to explain, other, additional feelings which might occur later. This did happen on several occasions. It was all-important as I lived overseas. It was reassuring and helped me solve issues on my own. On a personal level this enabled me to go forward with my own rehabilitation. This was one of my key objectives. I particularly liked her thorough communication; she gave me many small suggestions to explain the benefits of each therapy session. She is also very patient and skilful; she allows you time and space for your sub-conscious thoughts to come to the surface. At the same time, she encourages you to describe what you are seeing. I would recommend Elena, to anyone who has is looking to solve important unanswered past life issues or people who are wanting to try other forms of therapy.